david_portraitWelcome to this site for tenants in the private rented sector.

I am David Lawrenson.

I’m well known as an expert on the private rented sector.

I’ve advised local government about how they can better engage with the sector, with landlords and tenants. And I’ve helped organisations who have business with landlords and tenants – those who sell products and services to landlords and tenants.

You will have seen me quoted in the media on a regular basis over twenty five years.

I spent five years as a private rented sector tenant whilst at university and later in my first two jobs.

I started as a landlord right back in 1986 and gradually grew my private renting business, whilst  working for a number of big organisations as an internal consultant and project manager. (I worked for Direct Line and Lloyds Bank, among others).

My early experiences as a landlord taught me that the quality of advice for landlords was quite poor. And so, back in 2003, I started putting together some ideas for a book which would really help landlords to make a success of private renting.

The manuscript was rejected by all but one publisher. (The others did not think it would sell. I’ve kept the rejections letters!).

In 2005, the book appeared. It was called “Successful Property Letting” – and within three months it had sold out its first print run.

It has gone on to sell over 85,000 copies since then, and is now into its fifth edition. I guess you could say it is a bible for landlords, telling them how to make money yes, but also, how to behave ethically towards tenants.

And so, I’m now known as an advocate for landlords. My website for landlords at www.LettingFocus.com is visited tens of thousands of times a week.

But I also care about tenants too. Eleven years after my book came out and with thirty years experience under my belt as a private landlord, I’m still amazed that the quality of advice for tenants is still so woeful – whether that is advice from the government or from other agencies.

From my experience as a landlord, I know that there is a massive “disconnect” between what private landlords want from tenants and what tenants think landlords want. Nowhere is this more evident that in the “tenant find” process.

So, I thought I would write another book – but this one would help tenants.

The book would tell them:

  • How to make a success of being a tenant in the private rented sector today.
  • How to spot a good landlord and letting agent and avoid the duff ones.
  • What landlords want and what they should expect from them.
  • How to make sure they get any property they want (as along as they can afford the rent).
  • What their rights are.

So, I decided to self-publish this new book for tenants. It is called, Tenants’ Guide to Successful Renting”.

Tenants’ Guide to Successful Renting” has been welcomed as a great guide for tenants – and my sincere hope is that it will improve relations between landlords and tenants. Good landlords need good tenants and vice versa.

My new book will help them find each other and enjoy good relationships with each other. (Note: If you insist on having a paperback copy, please click here which will open a link to buy a paperback copy at Amazon).


If you are an organisation – whether public of private -and you wish to get advice on how to connect with landlords or tenants, please do contact me for help.


David Lawrenson quoted in the media (at our sister site, LettingFocus.com).