Our book for tenants is called, “Tenants’ Guide to Successful Renting”. You can buy it as an Ebook by clicking here: “Tenants’ Guide to Successful Renting in EBook and Kindle Versions” or you can get a paperback version by clicking here: “Tenants’ Guide to Successful Renting in Paperback”.

About the Book, “Tenants’ Guide to Successful Renting”

From my experience as a landlord and as author of the UK’s highest selling property book, (which is a book for landlords, called “Successful Property Letting“), I know that there is a massive “disconnect” between what private landlords want from tenants and what tenants think landlords want.

And nowhere is this more evident that in the “tenant find” process.

So, I thought I would write a new book – but this is focussed on helping tenants rather than landlords!

The book shows tenants:

  • How to make a success of being a tenant in the private rented sector today.
  • How to spot a good landlord and letting agent and how to avoid the duff ones.
  • What landlords want and expect from tenants.
  • How tenants can make sure they get any property they want, every time (as long as they can afford the rent, of course).
  • What their rights are.

I am sure “Tenants’ Guide to Successful Renting” will be welcomed as a great guide for tenants – and my sincere hope is that it will improve relations between landlords and tenants.

Good landlords need good tenants and vice versa.

My new book will help them find each other and enjoy good relationships with each other. (Note: if you want a paperback copy you’ll have to click here and get it from Amazon.)

See what eminent and respected LandlordLaw blogger and writer Tessa Shepperson said about the book in her review:



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