Tenants Renting Guide Press Release

Tenants Renting Guide Press Release

David Lawrenson’s book, “Tenants’ Guide to Successful Renting” is a modern guide to help tenants in the private rented sector.

The private rented sector has grown fast to around 18 per cent of all housing. More people now live in privately rented houses and flats than in social and council housing.

Many people don’t have a choice Cyanacrylat but to be tenants of private landlords. Most like it but find it hard to get the rented home they want. Some suffer at the hands of incompetent landlords and letting agents.

Lawrenson’s new book is designed to help tenants.

Lawrenson is an acknowledged expert on letting and renting. He has advised local government, charities and businesses as well as individual landlords and tenants. As a landlord himself, for over thirty years, he knows all about how private renting really works.

His first book, “Successful Property Letting” came out in 2005 and has been the UK’s highest selling property book ever since, to having sold 85,000 copies. Regularly updated and revised, it is now in its fifth edition and is the bible for all ethical landlords.

Lawrenson is deeply frustrated with what he sees as the often piecemeal and confused approach to the private rented sector from central and local government.

He cites landlord licensing as a good example of how not to deal with rogue landlords. He also says cutting housing benefits is misguided because it leads directly to people with few housing options being shut out of private housing and therefore having to be housed in unsuitable and expensive B&B type accommodation.

In the absence of any really useful help from government, he thought it was time to write a practical book that would help tenants get what they want – a nice home, well looked after by a decent landlord.

He hopes his book will make the process of renting easier and help tenants to avoid the bad and incompetent landlord and letting agent. “If it helps to do just that, I’ll be happy” he says.

David’s website for landlords is www.LettingFocus.com

His new site for tenants is www.Tenants-Renting-Guide.com

David lives in Kent, with his wife and son. He likes indie music, playing football and tennis, a nice glass of beer or wine, travel and enjoying life.

David can be contacted on 07834 081 600


About the Book – Back Cover Blurb

Whether you are renting a house or flat from a landlord or letting agent, or if you are a lodger in someone else’s home, being a tenant can be fraught with difficulty.

Finding a decent place to rent can be very hard and even getting decent information, tips and advice is difficult.

In “Tenants’ Guide to Successful Renting”, private rented sector expert, David Lawrenson of Tenants-Renting-Guide.com shows you how to:

  • Find the right place
  • Prepare properly so you have letting agents and landlords jumping over each other to let to you
  • Ask the right questions of landlords and letting agents so you can figure out which ones will treat you well and look after your new home properly

Lawrenson explains in simple language what your rights are, how to enforce them and the law pertaining to tenants and renting.

“Tenants’ Guide to Successful Renting” covers everything you need to know about tenancy deposit schemes, tenant referencing, houses in multiple occupation, giving notice, re-possession actions and much more.

The guide has special sections for tenants looking for shared houses and for those on housing benefit / universal credit.

A landlord himself, David Lawrenson is a private rented sector expert and advisor at www.Tenants-Renting-Guide.com

He has advised the government, charities and businesses as well as individual landlords and tenants on renting and letting in the private rent sector.

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