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How to Negotiate Rents Down

Negotiating Rents Down If you are already renting a place and if you have been little trouble to the landlord you stand a much better chance of negotiating the rent down says David Lawrenson of For example, there are lots of small, fiddly jobs in a house that you could do safely do yourself which […]

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Great Deals for Tenants in December

Great Deals for Tenants in December A great time to search for a property to let is the period from mid-November right up to Boxing Day. The cold and dark nights put people off going out to find accommodation to let. And with a shortage of good tenants in the market, landlords are therefore often […]

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Labour and Conservative Plans to Help Private Tenants

Labour and Conservative Plans for the Private Rented Sector David Lawrenson of says the Conservatives have come up with a raft of good ideas for the private rented sector to help tenants and landlords. Even Shelter have applauded them, albeit with a few reservations. Labour’s sole idea is rent controls – more on that later. So […]

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